Hillsong United – Saviour King tab

Capo 3rd! Capo 3rd! Capo 3rd! Capo 3rd! Capo 3rd! Capo 3rd! Capo 3rd!

In case you didn't know this is the "studio" version where to be in the right
key you will need to place your capo on the 3rd fret if you are to play 
along using this tab. Don't be a muppet and play along with the CD without
it unless you transpose the chords!

When it's still all quiet at the start, the electric guitar (clean with delay (plays the intro)) just picks the chords. It starts off only picking the high e string, but then picks G-B-e strings once you get to the "Let now our hearts burn with a flame" section.
When it gets to "We love you Lord" play something like this for the first D of each until it gets more into it.e|-2/3-3-------|B|-----------3-|G|-------2p0---|D|-------------|A|-------------|E|-------------|
Also When it gets to parts like "Him and I'm more than blessed" where it goes from Bm to A7, Bm is played for two bars, but on the seccond bar it's played with an open high e string. ========================================================================== D Bm A7 D Let now the weak say I have strength Em Bm A7 D By the Spirit of power that raised Christ from the dead Bm A7 D Let now the poor stand and confess Em7 Bm A7 D Oh my portion is in Him and I'm more than blessed Bm Let now our hearts burn with a flame G D A7 A fire consuming all for Your Son's holy Name Bm And with the heavens we declare G Em A7 You are our King D Bm We love You Lord, we worship You A7 D You are our God, You alone are good D Bm You asked Your Son to carry this A7 D The heavy cross, our weight of sin D Bm I love You Lord, I worship You A7 D Hope which was lost, now stands renewed D Bm I give my life to honour this A7 D The love of Christ, the Saviour King Bm A7 D Let now Your church shine as the bride Em Bm A7 D That You saw in Your heart as You offered up Your life Bm A2 D Let now the lost be welcomed home Em Bm A7 D By the saved and redeemed those adopted as Your own ==========================================================================
At the very end, when it goes all quiet it plays something like this:e|-5~5~5~3~2~2~2~3~5~5~5~3~2~2~2~2~0~0~0~0~3~3~3~3~2~2~2~3~5~5~5~5~|B|--3~3~3~3~3~3~3~3~3~3~3~3~3~3~3~3~3~3~3~3~3~3~3~3~3~3~3~3~3~3~3~~|G|-----------------------------------------------------------------|D|-----------------------------------------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------------|
There are a few variations but they're all based around those notes and that timing etc. So just mess around and have fun with it, it's a beautiful sound. The end is something different but you can figure that one out for yourself. Go nuts. God Bless. - Jammin Joe
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