Hillsong United – At The Cross tab

At the cross
Tabbed by Ferdinand Bato
email: gatecrusher07@yahoo.com

Intro: keyboard

verse 1: E Asus2 B C#m7 e|----------------------------------|B|-----------------------------5----|G|------4-------4------4----4-------|D|----2-------2------4--------------|A|----------0------2------4---------|E|--0-------------------------------|
Oh Lord you searched me E/G# Asus2 B e|---------------------------|B|---------------------------|G|------4-------4------4-----|D|----2-------2------4-------|A|----------0------2---------|E|--4------------------------|
You know my way E/G# Asus2 B C#m7 e|----------------------------------|B|-----------------------------5----|G|------4-------4------4----4-------|D|----2-------2------4--------------|A|----------0------2------4---------|E|--4-------------------------------|
Even when I fail You, A2 Be|---------------------------|B|--------0--------0---------|G|------2--------2-------4---|D|----2--------2-------4---4-|A|--0--------0-------2-------|E|---------------------------|I know you love me
E/G# Asus2 B C#m7 Your holy presence E/G# Asus2 B Surrounding me E/G# Asus2 B C#m7 In every season, A2 B I know You love me; A2 B I know You love me. Chorus: Esus2 C#m At the cross I bow my knee, A Where Your blood was shed for me, B There’s no greater love than this. E C#m You have overcome the grave, A Your glory fills the highest place, B What can separate me now? Verse 2: E Asus2 B C#m7 You go before me, E/G# Asus2 B - You shield my way, E/G# Asus2 B C#m7 Your hand upholds me; A2 Bsus B I know You love me. E/G# A2 B C#m7 And when the earth fades, E/G# Asus2 B - Falls from my eyes, E/G# A2 B C#m7 And You stand before me, A2 B I know You love me; A2 B I know You love me. Bridge: A2 B C#m7 You tore the veil, You made a way A C#m7 B When You said that it is done.
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