Hillsong United - Father I tab

{The song goes like this. I used standard tuning and play w/o any cappo. Enjoy playing. 
can use either standard chords for acoustics or by simply power chords. Peace.}

Intro: (Bass in G) (scratch) and the
guitar line: G/B - C - Em - D/F#
             G/B - C - Em - D   (2X)


G/B   C  Em     D/F#
Majesty, Wonderful

G/B  C        Em  D
Holy Lord, Emmanuel

G/B       C      Em        D/F#
Prince of peace, Righteous one

G/B  C     Em         D
Sacrifice, crowned as King


    G        G/B   C      G                 C
And Father I adore You, I live each day for You

    G        G/B  C
And Jesus, I love You

  Em      D/F#    C
I give my life to You

7.Adlib: (I got this from the bass line)
Em - F# - G - A - B - C - High 
- D (2X)

8.Chorus until the song ends..

Hope you find this helpful..

God bless to all.

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