Hillsong United - Lead Me To The Cross chords

Lead Me to the Cross

Intro: Bm A G(twice as long) x2

Verse 1:
Bm ASavior I come
G D Aquiet my soul remember
Bm Aredemptions hill
Gwhere Your blood was spilled
D Afor my ransom
Em Aeverything I once held dear
Bm A GI count it all as lost
Glead me to the cross
D Awhere Your love poured out
Gbring me to my knees
D ALord i lay me down
Grid me of myself
D AI belong to You
Emlead me
G A lead me to the cross
Interlude: Bm A G(twice as long) x2 Verse 2:
Bm AYou were as I
Gtempted and trialed
D AYou are
Bm Athe word became flesh
Gbore my sin and death
D Anow You're risen
Prechorus Chorus Buildup: Bm Bridge:
D G Ato your heart
D G Ato your heart
D G ALead me to your heart
D G Alead me to your heart
Chorus x2
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