Hillsong United – Lead Me To The Cross chords ver. 3

Lead Me To The Cross,
Tabbed by: Alyssa
This sounds the same as in the key of D, but is simpler to play with a capo :D When  you 
somethign on Ultimate Guitar it messed up where the chords go, listen to the song to 
a feel for it :)


Am G F

Verse 1:

Am G Savior I come
F C Gquiet my soul remember
Am G redemptions hill
Fwhere Your blood was spilled
C Gfor my ransom
Dm G everything I once held dear
Am G FI count it all as lost
Flead me to the cross
C Gwhere Your love poured out
Fbring me to my knees
C GLord I lay me down
Frid me of myself
C GI belong to You
Dmlead me
F G Amlead me to the cross
Interval: Am G F C Verse 2:
Am G You were as I
Ftempted and trialed
C G Am G You are the word became flesh
Fbore my sin and death
C Gnow You're risen
Bridge: CFG to your heart CFG to your heart CFG lead me to your heart CFG lead me to your heart End on Am <33
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