Hillsong United – Trust In You chords

Intro: D Dsus D (2x)
DYou have always been
Bm GYou will always be faithful
DWhen I cry out to you God
Bm GAnd my heart is over when you hear
Em D AAnd I know I can trust you at all times
Em D 'Cause the one who is higher
AStands by my side
D Dsus DYou hide me God in the shadow of your wings
Bm A GDraw me close
D Dsus DI'm secure in your Holy embrace
Bm A G do introI'll trust in you
DGod you are the one
BmWho is steadfast strong and true
G DAlways …Always
Instrumental: D Bm G (Repeat Pre-Chorus and Chorus) Instrumental: D Dsus D (2x) Ending:
D Dsus D (2x) DTrust In You
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