Hillsong United - King Of All Days chords version 2

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Capo 4 Intro:C G Am F

F CIn Your surrender
G AmAs You laid down Your life
F CYou took up a sinner's cross
G Am FAnd Your life rescued mine
CIn this redemption
G AmLove and mercy displayed
F CYou lifted my eyes to see
G Am FThat Your truth never fails
Am FLord of the heavens
CKing of all days
Em G AmWithout You my world slips away
FRedeemed by Your mercy
CConsumed by Your grace
GNow I live for You
C G AmI'm found in the arms of love
F CFor Your love it has saved my soul
G AmI'll run to the arms of love
Am F CYour light's gonna lead Me home
F CGlorious Savior
G AmIn Your Light I am Free
F CThe things of this world will fade
G Am FStill You are all I need
Chorus Bridge
CAt Your cross I lay my burdens
GAt Your feet where Your love covers
Am FAll I've done Now I walk with You Lord x2
(Last time tag out over full Bridge Progression)
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