Hillsong United - The Time Has Come chords version 2

The Time Has Come
Hillsong United
United We Stand
Chord: İlemShad 

An Introduction (Instrumental) 4
B: Part 1: Higher Chord
a-g#m-f#m-g#m(2x)Part 2:
D-F#m(Higher)-D-e(Higher)Part 3:
F#m-A-D-A B-f#m(Higher)-D-e(Higher)-A 8 Intro: A [Verse:]
AFound love beyond all reason
F#mYou gave your life, your all for me
D AAnd called me yours forever
Caught in the mercy fallout
F#m DI found hope, found life, found all I need
AYou're all I need
EThe time has come
F#m DTo stand for all we believe in
ESo I for one
F#m D I'm gonna give my praise to You (Jesus)
AToday today
It's all or nothing
F#mAll the way
DThe praise goes out to You
A Yeah all the praise goes out to You
Today today I live for one thing
F#mTo give you praise
DIn everything I do
AYeah all the praise goes out to You
{Repeat Verse:} {Repeat PreChorus:} {Repeat Chorus:} 2 2 4 Adlib:G1: F#m-D-A(2x)
G2: 4 4
Solo B:f#m-Bm(2x) [Bridge:](2x)
F#mAll we are is yours
BmAnd all we're living for
DIs all you are
A EIs all that you are (Lord)
{Repeat PreChorus:}(2x) {Repeat Chorus:} [Ending:]
DIn everything I do
AYeah, the praise goes out to You
---------------------------------- Code Guide: G1: Guitar 1 G2: Guitar 2 B: Bass Guitar (2x): Repeat 2 Times 8: 8 Times. Signature Count 2: 2 Times. Signature Count 4: 4 Times. Signature Count Upper Case Chord Name: Lower Note Lower Case Chord Name: Higher Note ---------------------------------- Note: for Tab G1, G2 and B, please email: blinksumkorn@yahoo.com Thanks, God Bless. Keep Rockin for Jesus.. c:
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