Hillsong United – Father chords

Left handed
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Intro: Bm G D

Verse 1:
Bm G DTo bring this world to life
Bm G DTo heal this heart of mine
Bm G DYour grace enough
Bm G DYour grace enough
Verse 2:
Bm G DTo mend this world in need
Bm G DTo break the chains in me
Bm G DYour grace enough
Bm G DNow this means love
G Bm The weight of all our sin upon
D AHis shoulders
G BmThat we should all be called
D AYour sons and daughters
G DFather
A BmHeaven and earth collide
G DIn the endless wonder
A BmOf Your love upon the cross
G DWe will follow
A BmAnd offer this life forever
G D ATo see Your love unfold
Verse 3:
Bm G DAdopted as Your own
Bm G DAlive to make You known
Bm G Dthis means love
Bm G DThis means love
Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge:
Bm D G DOooooooooooooo
Bm DFor the lost and for the broken
GFor the slave and for the orphan
DFor everyone to realize Your love
Bm DFrom the famous to the faceless
GFrom the beggar to the king
DFor everyone to realize Your love
A BmYou restore the broken-hearted
GYou bring freedom to the captive
For one and all
DForever this means love
A BmAll Your children come together
GAll Your sons and all Your daughters
Your grace enough
DForever this means love Singing
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