Hillsong United – Nova chords ver. 2

Nova -
Hillsong United
Aftermath (2011)
Capo 4
Tab by: Wes Rampley

[Verse 1:]
GLet all the earth declare Your Name*
Voices resounding heaven's fame
F C GOur God be praised forever
[Verse 2:]
GFlood all the earth with endless light
Raise up the streets from death to life
F C GOur God be praised forever
F COh God be praised
GCome let Your glory arise
D/F# Em CAnd shine as the nations collide with Your story
GLove overtaking our lives
D/F# Em CArise as our hearts come alive with Your glory
[Verse 3:] Let all injustice shut it's mouth As we join our hearts and start to shout Our God be praised forever Oh God be praised [Bridge]
G/D Be unto Your Name
G/BAll glory and honour
Singing holy is our God
G/DHoly is our God
Your life on display Your strength in our weakness Singing holy is our God Holy is our God How great is Your love How great are Your ways There's nothing we want more But to live for You God There's no other Name More worthy of praise Jesus let Your love be known Chorus [Tags:]
G D/f#We'll shine with Your glory
Em C GWe'll shine with Your glory
D/F#We'll shine with Your glory
Em C GIt's all for Your glory
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