Hillsong United - With All I Am chords

With All I Am
By: Hilsong
Intro: Bm  A  E (2x) 
       Bm  A
D/C#Into your hand
BmI commit again
A GWith all I am
A AsusFor You Lord
D/C#You hold my world
BmIn the palm of Your hand
A G Asus Aand I am Yours forever
Pre chorus chords: Em A Chorus:
D/C# BmJesus I believe in you
D A GJesus I belong to you
EmYou're the reason that I live
Asus A the reason that I sing
D Asus Awith all I am
D/C#I'll walk with you
Bmwherever you go
A Gthrough tears and joy
Asus-AI'll trust in you
D/C#And I will live
Bmin all of your ways and
A G Asus-Ayour promises forever
Prechorus chords Chorus
Adlib: D Em A (2x)Bridge 4x
D/C#I will worship
Em AI will worship you
============================================================================= MY BIO: I am a guitarist on a local Born-again church here in Cabuyao Laguna Philippines. JRVCC-Cabuyao I have also been a member of a local band as a Bassist. If you LIKE this song, Please LIKE this fanpage too... www.facebook.com/katzglobalservices.com Thanks! Edson D.
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