Hillsong United – To Know Your Name chords

Em--- 022033-|
C---- x32033-|
G---- 320033-|
Dsus4 xx0233
Em CThe precious blood of Jesus Christ redeems,
G Dsus4forgiven i’m alive, restored set free.
Em Cyour majesty resides inside of me,
G Dsus4forever i believe. forever i believe.
Em Carrested by your truth and righteousness
G Dsus4your grace has overwhelmed my brokenness
Em C Gconvicted by your spirit, led by your word
Dsus4your love will never fail
Cyour love will never fail
G Dsus4 Em C‘Cause i know you gave, the world your only son for us to
G Dsus4 Em Cknow your name, to live within the saviours love
G Dsus4 Em Cand he took my place, knowing he’d be crucified
G Dsus4 Em Cand you loved.. you loved, a people undeserving!
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