Hillsong – Where We Belong tab

Artist: Hillsong United
Song: Where We Belong
Capo 2


Verse 1:
A                            F#m
There is no height or depth, neither life nor death
         E                       D
That can take me from all that I find
Here now in Your glory Lord

Verse 2:
A                         F#m
No others powers or love, the things of now or to come
             E                   D
There's nothing on earth in this life
That could ever separate us Lord

F#m                E                          D
Your love is never ending, to Your hands we surrender
              A        E
Where all our sins are washed away
F#m               E                           D
Your grace beyond reason, has paid for our freedom
           A        E
We're made alive in You

A                                F#m
We run to Your throne, where we belong
                       E    D
Every heart will sing, that Jesus is Lord
A                                          F#m
Casting all else aside, for the joy of our Christ
                     E               D
Let Your glory fall, our hearts are filled with Your fire
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