Hillsong – Still tab

Verse 1:

D    D/C#  Bm
Hide me    now
G      E     A
Under your wings
D    D/C#  Bm
Co...ver   me
G             E      A
Within Your mighty hands

When the ocean rise
      A      D
and thunder roar
I will soar with you
   A        Bm
above the storm
                G     A        D
Father You are King over the flood
           G         A      D
I will be still know You are God

Verse 2:

D     D/C#  Bm
Unrest my   soul
G         E  A
in Christ alone
D    D/C#   Bm
Know His desire
     G    E        A
in quiteness and trust

the cords have changed around on the chorus so that its right!!
have fun playing and worshiping God with all your hearts!
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