Hillsong - To You Alone tab

To You Alone-Hillsong


D/C	C 	    G/B
Every knee will bow
	D/C	         C-G/B
And every tongue confess
	Bb		F/A
That Jesus Christ is Lord
Lord and King
	G		CM7
All glory to Your name
	Am-D		C-G/B
All honour to Your Majesty
D/E   Em  Asus-A
Forever, forever
	G/D C		Dsus-D
All praise to You alone
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(same chords of v1)
Every eye will see
And every heart will know
The beauty of the Lord
In all the earth

other: D/C-C-G/B-Bb-F/A-Dsus-D

G/B	    C		D
All praise to You alone
All praise to You alone
All praise to You alone

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