Hillsong – Sing Out To God chords

hey i was just mucking around on the guitar and made theses chords up for this song
been singing at Hillsong. I play most of the song using just the top 4 strings and leaving
bottom 2 open, if you play the top 2 strings with your index finger and the middle 2 
your pinky and the one next to it, its easy to just slide up and down without moving your
positions. this is my first tab so hopefully it works out for you.

Capo 2 or open

C#m BYou inhabit the Praises of Your people
C#m BYou delight in the Glory of Your Son
C#m BIn the love of the Father We will worship
C#m BIn the kingdom of God We find our home
A2 C#m BThe wonder Of Your love Will break the Chains that bind us
A2 C#m BThe power Of Your touch Releases us To worship
E C#mSing out to God Sing hallelujah, With all we are We will worship You
B A2 EHoly is Your Name, Holy is Your Name Oh God
C#m BTogether we will lift The name of Jesus
C#m BTogether we sing Of Your great love
C#m BWe will join with the Angels to praise You
C#m BMay our voices Be pleasing to You God
hope it blesses you Soutchay-Joshua
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