Hillsong - Im Not Ashamed tab

Im Not Ashamed of the Gospel, Live

 INTRO: tab by: Jeffrey Galuno (May 21, 2009 12:53PM)

legend: H=hammer
	~=play the string for tremolo
	(8x)=hit th note 8 times

Em G C Am Em G C Ame----------------------------------------------------------]B-13-13--12-12--10-10--12-12~~-----13-13--12-12--10-10-----]w/ wah FXG-------------------------------------------------------9-9] REPEAT 2XD----------------------------------------------------------]A----------------------------------------------------------]E----------------------------------------------------------]
then just follow the chords (chords is from the courteousy of a guitarist from brother) Intro: C-G-D (6x) Em-G-C-Am (4x) (suggested to play using power chords) Verse 1: Em G C Am When You found me Em G C Am My whole world changed Em G C Am Em G C Am I'm redeemed by life Verse 2: Em G C Am Let the earth see Em G C Am You are freedom Em G C Am Em G C Am Turn my darkness to light Pre-chorus: C G You welcomed me in D C With open arms G D Into unending life CHORUS: G D I'm not ashamed of the gospel Lord Em C Your power, your Love has saved my soul now G D Em I'm alive You C I'm living the rising son. Em G C Am I'm living the rising son. happy playing! God bless... Help me with the effects combination, wah is not enough... Correction will be appreciated. Thank You and God bless...
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