Hillsongs – Higher tab

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-cgc hillsang-
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Key: C
F  G  Am  F  G  Am

''for guitar 2 use higher chords'' Verse 1: F G Am For unto us F G Am C/E F a Saviour came G Am F G Am Amazing grace that takes the weight Verse 2: F G Am His name is hope F G Am C/E F for all the earth G Am F G Am His name, now and beyond this life, G Am ‘God with us’ PreChorus: F G Am And You shall be called Almighty God F G F And we shall declare Chorus: G Am F Your name is higher, higher G C G/B F Dm7 Jesus Christ Your name is glorious G Am F Your name is greater, sweeter F G F G In all the earth, higher, higher Verse 3: G Am F Now unto me, G Am C/E F the Christ revealed G Am F G Am For you so loved and love me still
e-----9h0-----9h0-----9h0----9h0-----11----------------|b--11------11------11-----11------11-------------------|G------------------------------------------------------|D------------------------------------------------------|A------------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------------|''continue up2 bridge same tab''
Bridge: Em F Am G/B G So great and greatly to be praised are You F C G/B G So great and greatly to be praised F G Am And You shall be called Almighty God F G And we shall declare F G F/A He's higher, higher, higher G/B F G F/A G/B ( G ) higher, higher, higher, higher, higher (2nd: higher) Other: G F/G G F/G
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