Hillsongs - First And The Last chords

Capo: 4

Verse 1:
C#m B AYou are the First and the Last
E BBeginning and the End
C#m B AThe promise of wonders to come
E BThe future is in Your hands
A C#mCaught in the light
A B EWith all the Earth we will sing
Verse 2:
C#m B AYou are the Author of love
E BOur freedom is in Your name
C#m B AEmbracing the cross meant for us
E BAnd bought us to life again
A C#mCalling the love
A B EWith all we are let us sing
E BGod our Hope and our Salvation
A E F#mWorthy of all our praise
C#m BBe our light everlasting
A C#mGreat is Your name
A B EJesus the First and the Last
Verse 3:
C#m B AShow us the way of Your love
E BLead us towards the truth
C#m B AStir up the fire in us
E BTo live out this life for you
A C#mCalling Your name
A B EJesus forever we’ll sing
Chorus Bridge:
A C#m BEvery heart every nation will hear the sound
A C#m BAs the light breaks through the darkness and Your name rings out
F#m C#m BEvery distant horizon will meet as one
ASinging holy is Your name We sing holy is Your name.
Ending: (Spontaneous)
C#m BYou are
AThe First and the Last
C#m BYou are
A C#m BYou’re the Alpha and Omega the Beginning and the End
A C#m BOur salvation You bring freedom God Your grace it knows no end
A C#m BYou’re the name above all names the Lamb that was Slain
AYou are, Yeah
C#m BThe First and the Last
A C#m BYou are the First and the Last.
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