Hillsongs - Lead Me To The Cross chords


Key:(D) C

Am G F C G/B
Am G Dm

Hammer first on the D string, then the G string and then strum while playing the Am chord.

Am GSaviour I come
F Quiet my soul
C G/BRemember
Am GRedemption's hill
FWhere Your blood was spilled
C G/BFor my ransom
Dm G Everything I once held dear
Am G F I count it all as loss
FLead me to the cross
C G Where Your love poured out
FBring me to my knees
C G Lord I lay me down
F Rid me of my self
C G I belong to You
DmO lead me
F G Am Lead me to the cross
VERSE 2: You were as I Tempted and tried human The word became flesh Bore my sin in death Now You're risen BRIDGE:
C F GTo Your heart
C F GTo Your heart
Lead me to Your heart C F G Lead me to Your heart C F G
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