Hillsongs - 430 Heer Ik Prijs Uw Grote Naam chords

This was led by Jorim Kelly in London - amazing song

Verse 1:
E AWhen the walls close in around me
C#m B E Let your glory light the darkness in my night
E AWhen the suffering’s all the I see
C#m B EMay I walk with you by faith and not by sight
Verse 2:
E AOn the road of sweet surrender
C#m B EI have nothing but to offer you my life
E AGreater love I have not found it
C#m B EAll be mercy You have eased this troubled mind
Pre-chorus 1:
C#mOpen hearted
BYou said search
EAnd I will find
Chorus: E AWo-oh-oh-oh-oa
C#mSin is broken
A The lost now chosen
EThe Fathers Heart
Verse 3:
E AHumble King you go before me
C#m B EBy your grace I live for everything that’s true
E AThrough your son I am made wealthy
C#m B EThere’s no other who will love me like you do
Pre-chorus 2:
C#mAnd forever
AI’ll keep running
EBack to you
C#mYou reign
A EYou reign in all the earth
E AWo-oh-oh-oh-oa
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