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Hillsongs – Run chords

by: Hillsong
Album: This is Our God
Tabbed by: Jeffrey D.S. Galuno
Tabbed date: June 17, 2010, 8:01pm

Intro: Ebm B F# C# Ebm B F# C#e---------------------------------|-----------------------------9-|B-11-11-11-11-9-11-12-11-----9----|-11-11-11-11-9-11-12-11--------|G--------------------------11--10-|--------------------------11---|D---------------------------------|-------------------------------|
REPEAT INTRO: (efx: light OD or compressor plus medium Chorus)
Ebm B F# C#You were God from the outset
Ebm B F# C#Powerful and creative
B EbmYou who saw us here before you called
C# B---- All the stars and the earth to existence
Ebm B F# C#You are God You are Holy
Ebm B F# C#History is Your story
BYou, who was and is
Ebm C#And who forever will be
B--- God we live for your Glory CHORUS:
F#So we will run
C# EbmAll together our hearts aflame
B F#With a fire that can't be tamed
C# Ebm B (Ebm)Our God all Glory to your name
Jesus guitar riff while chorus is played
REPEAT INTRO RIFF You are God you are freedom You're alive now within us You who saw us here before You conquered the grave And delivered on the promise We will run Our surrender to bring you fame Our desire that you be praised Our God all Glory to your name Jesus INSTRUMENTAL: Just follow the intro. Only add drive or volume to your patch God Bless! Hope that this'll help you. Comment, ratings and suggestions are welcome. You can send me your request as well and try to tab it for you.
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