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Hillsongs – Sing To The Lord chords

Artist : Hillsong
Album : This is Our God
Song : Sing To the Lord

Beginning (x2): F#m, E, D

Verse 1:
A ERighteous ruler of the heavens
Bm7 DHoly, Holy our God
A E Sovereign Lord of all creation
Bm7 DHoly, Holy our God
D AEvery tribe and tongue
F#m ELift your voice as one
D F#m EHe is greatly to be praised
A D F#m ESing to the Lord, oh my soul
F#m D/F# F#m ELet the heavens shout for joy
Bm7 A EGreat is our God
Bm7 D/F# F#m EGreat is our God
Instrumental: F#m, E, D Verse 2 (same as verse 1): Nations come and bow before Him Holy, Holy our God Angels sing now and forever Holy, Holy our God Pre-chorus Chorus Bridge* (x3):
Asus A A/C# D The heavens shall declare,
F#m E A/B Dthe glory of our great God
Verse 3:
A Esus EJesus, come let us adore Him
Bm7 DHoly, Holy our God.
Chorus Ending: Bm7, A, E, Bm7, D/F#, F#m, E * I'm not very sure but I think it sounds like that.
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