Hillsongs – The One Who Saves chords ver. 2

Key: C

Intro: F G C

Verse 1
F Come join the song, lift your voice
G CAs Heaven and Earth give praise
F Fall to your knees at the feet
G COf the Son of the One true God
Verse 2
FTurn from old ways, lift your eyes
G CFor the kingdom of God is here
F Open your heart, offer all
G C GFor Jesus Christ is here, oh now
CWe have found our home
GWe have found our peace
AmWe have found our rest
FIn the One who loves
CHe will light the way
GHe will lead us home
AmAs we offer all
FTo the One who saves us
Verse 3
FCall on the name that is hope
G CJesus, the Son of God
FLord over all, He is good
G C GAnd His mercy endures, always
Instrumental: C G Am F Bridge
CHis love endures
GForever His love endures
AmForever His love endures
FForever and ever
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