Hillsongs - Healer chords version 2

Really accurate, It might be in a different key.


DYou hold my every moment
Bm A2 DYou calm my raging sea
Bm DYou walk with me through fire
G7 AYou heal all my disease
Em D G Em G AI trust in you, I trust in you
DI believe, You're my healer
Bm G A/G A/GI believe, You are all I need
DI believe, You're my portion
Bm D GI believe, You're more than enough for me
Bm G A/G A/GJesus You're all I need
Bm A DNothing is impossible for you
Bm A DNothing is impossible
Bm A D GNothing is impossible for you
G Bm AYou hold my world in your hands
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