Hillsongs – Spirit Touch Your Church chords

A E/G# F#mLord, we need Your grace and mercy
D E A EWe need to pray like never before
F#m E DWe need the power of Your Holy Spirit
Bm Dmaj7 Esus - ETo open Heaven's door
A E/G# F#mLord we humbly come before You
D E AWe don't deserve of You what we ask
F#m E DBut we yearn to see Your glory
Bm Dmaj7Esus - ERestore this dying land
A D E C#m7 F#mSpirit, touch Your church, stir the hearts of men
D E C#m7 F#mRevive us, Lord, with Your passion once again
D E C#7 F#mI want to care for others like Jesus cares for me
D E A F#mLet Your rain fall on me,
D E A ... EsusLet Your rain fall upon me
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