Hillsongs – Faith chords ver. 2

By Hillsong
Intro: Em  Am  Em  Am  B7 (4x)

EmIm reaching for the prize
Im giving everything
AmI give my life for this
B7Its what I live for
EmNothing will keep me from
All that you have for me
AmYou hold my head up high
B7I live for you
Pre Corus:
Am D Am7Greater is he thats living in me
B7Than he that is in the world
Em B7Faith I can move the mountain
Am7 I can do all things through Christ
B7I know
Em B7Faith standing and believing
Am7 I can do all things through Christ who
B7 Strengthens me
Em B7 Am7 B7 I and II Pre-Chorus Chorus (2x)
Adlib: Em B7 Am7 B (4x)Pre Chorus (world.......)
Chorus (2x) ============================================================================= MY BIO: I am a guitarist on a local Born-again church here in Cabuyao Laguna Philippines. JRVCC-Cabuyao I have also been a member of a local band as a Bassist. If you LIKE this song, Please LIKE this fanpage too... www.facebook.com/katzglobalservices.com Thanks! Edson D.
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