Hillsongs - You Are God Alone tab

Hey guys! I was introduced to this song today, actually, and I came here to UG.com to
find the tab for the solo. Unfortunately, no one had tabbed it yet, so i took a shot at
it. I divided it so strangely simply because I wanted you to be able to look at the tab 
and play fluidly without breaking up the solo and possibly making you play it choppily. This
is a pretty standard solo and you can play it how Hillsong does or you can add your own 
style to it to accompany another song. Have fun with it! -Jon4Auburn

(P.S.- on the second group, the number of 12's and 15's strummed at the last part may be
slightly off; I tried my best, however, to get you an exact number that sounds right.
Just play it how you feel is best though!)

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