Hillsongs – Age To Age chords ver. 2

This is yet another amazing song by Hillsong. 
I searched for the chords on the web but 
didn't find any correct ones, so I decided 
to transcribe the song myself. 
This is my first submission :) Enjoy! 

Song written by: Marty Sampson & Darlene Zschech
Tabbed by: Elisabeth Stenholm

Intro: Bm F#m G D D2

D BmYou gave me hope
F#m Bm AYou made me whole
G D D2At the cross
D BmYou took my place
F#m Bm AYou showed me grace
GAt the cross
Asus A DWhere you died for me
G DAnd his glory appears
F#m BmLike the light from the sun
G D AAge to age He shines
G DLook to the skies
Em BmHear the angels cry
A GSinging holy is the lord
Interlude: D Em Bm G 2x End with D
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