Hillsongs - Let Everything That Has Breath chords

Key of C
Standard tuning
songwriter: Reuben MOrgan

CPraise Him in the sanctuary
Em7Praise Him in the mighty heavens,
F Am7 G/BPraise Him, all the earth praise Him
CPraise Him in His awesome power
Em7Praise His great and holy Name
F Am7 G/BPraise Him, the whole world praise Him
G F From the rising of the sun let His praise be heard
G F/A From the east to the west, and north to south
C F Bb/F F Let everything that has breath praise the Lord for - e - ver
Am7 F Let everything in my soul praise the Lord
Am7 FPraise the Lord, praise the Lord
Am7 FPraise the Lord, praise the Lord
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