Hillsongs - Faith chords

KEy of Em
standard tuning
Songwriter: Reuben MOrgan

Em7 Iím reaching for the prize, Iím giving everything
Am7 B7+5 I give my life for this, itís what I live for
Em7 Nothing will keep me from all that you have for me
Am7 B7+5 You hold my head up high, I live for You
Am7 D Greater is he thatís living in me
Am7 B7+5 Than he that is in the world
Em7 B7+5 Am7 B7+5 Faith, I can move a mountain I can do all things through Christ, I know
Em7 B7+5 Am7 Faith, standing and believing I can do all things through Christ
B7+5 Who strengthens me
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