Hillsongs - Greater Than All All Of The Praise chords

Greater Than All (All of the Praise)
Words and Music by Autumn Hardman & Dave Hodgson
Chart by Gene Kelley

Em7 G C D
Em7 G C

Verse 1
Em7 We call out Your Name in the
D And watch as Your glory unfolds
Em7 GFor there is no measure or end
CTo the power You hold
Verse 2
Em7 GJustice and truth are Your virtues
DWith many too vast for our words
Em7 GNo mind contains the splendor
COf all that You are
DOur God
C GOur God has done great things
D COur God is greater than all
Verse 3 Miracles are Your memorial The promise of wonders to come You are the Author God You complete it all Chorus Instrumental C// G/B/ Em7// G/ G/B/ C// G// D/F#// (x2) Bridge
CAll of the praise
Unto Your Name
Em7 D/F#Be lifted higher
CAll of the praise
Unto Your Name
Em7 D/F#Forever
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