Hillsongs – I Desire Jesus chords ver. 2

Key of B.
Capo 4
G C G Em D I desire Jesus, Precious Lamb Who ransomed me
G C G C D G Upon the cross He took my sin, By His blood He set me free
G C G Em DI desire Jesus, Oh His Name My soul esteem
G C G C D G For upon His thorn-scarred brow Is the crown of victory
C G C DHe is worthy of all honour, All glory to His Name
C Em D C D GHe alone deserves Our highest praise, And forever He will reign
G C G Em D I desire Jesus, Triumphant One The earth awaits
G C G C D G For on that day The earth will shine With the glory of Your Name
Em D G Em D GYou are all glorious, You are all glorious
C Em G DMy heart leans in, My soul must sing
C D GYou are all glorious
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