Hillsongs – Still tab ver. 3

Title: Still
vocalist: Rueben Morgan
Band: Hillsong
Tabbed by: Mark Larry S. Saquing  

Intro F Am7 C Ge|----------------------------------------------------------|B|--6-5h6------6-5h6---------5-3h5-3-3--5--7----------------|G|--------5-5---------5-5---------------------7--7----------|D|----------------------------------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------|
F Am7 C G e|----------------------------------------------------------|B|--6--5h6------6-5h6--------5-5h6-----7--------------------|G|---------5-5---------5--5--------5------7---9-------------|D|----------------------------------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------|
C G/B Am7 Hide me now, F D/F# G Under Your wings C/E F Cover me, Dm7 G C F G C When the oceans rise and thunders roar C F G Am I will soar with You, a bove the storm F G Csus4 C Father, You are King o ver the flood F G Fmaj9 I will be still and know You are God C G/B Am7 Find rest my soul F D/F# G In Christ a lone C/E F Know His power Dm7 G In quietness and trust
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