Hillsongs – Break Free chords

                      Break Free - Hillsongs

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e|--------------------------------xxx---------------|B|--------------------------------xxx---------------|G|--------------------------------xxx---------------|D|--------------------------------xxx---------------|A|---------------------00-4-0-4-6-xxx--0-4-0-4-6----|E|-2222-2222-2222-2222------------xxx---------------| x4
Verse 1
F#m DWould you believe me, would you listen if I told you that
F#m DThere is a love that makes the way, it never holds you back
F#mSo would you break free, would you break free
Dget up and dance, in His love
Verse 2
F#mWho would have thought that
DGod would give his one and only Son
F#m DTaken a stand upon the cross to show his perfect love
Chorus His love never ends, yeah.
A D F#mThere's no escaping the truth, there's no mistaking its you
DGod forever we'll get up and dance, get up and dance and praise you
A D F#mThere's no escaping your love, there's no mistaking your light
DAcross the world we will get up and dance, get up and dance and praise you
Verse: (Verse Chords_ Now is the time to take this freedom that has come our way Offer our lives to see the glory of His name Bridge
E F#mNever, all our days
D E F#mWe are holy Lord, holding onto all your ways
D EWe are holding on, holding on to all you've
F#m Dsaid and you've done
E F#m DWe are holding on to your love
Now we will dance Won’t you break free, won’t you break Won’t you break free? Rock En RoLL ^_^
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