Hillsongs – Jesus You Gave It All tab


INTRO: Bb-Eb-Ab(2X)

        Bb/D    Eb       Ab
Lord I lift my voice in praise to You
        Bb/D       Eb      Ab
For the love You placed inside of me
       Bb/D    Eb
Lord I give my life
    Ab        Fm7   Eb/Bb  Bb
My heart and soul to You alone

         Bb/D    Eb         Ab
And with every breath that comes from me
    Bb/D      Eb     Ab
Will flow Your mercy and Your grace
    Bb/D     Eb      Ab   Fm7
Proclaiming love and liberty
   Ab/Bb           Ab/Eb   Eb
For all who have an ear to hear

          AbM7 - Bb/Ab - AbM7 - Bb/Ab
And your love
      Cm       Bb/C   Cm - Bb/C
Stirs faith and hope in me
           AbM7 - Bb/Ab - AbM7 - Bb/Ab
And Your grace
       Cm      Bb/C     Cm     Bb/C 
Brings power to set this sinner free
           AbM7 - Bb/Ab - AbM7 - Bb/Ab
And your blood
       Fm7  Eb/G  Ab
Pours joy into my life
           Eb/Bb  Bb
Jesus you gave it all for me

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