Hillsongs - Now That Your Near tab

thanks to hillsong for this again and to Youth For Christ West A and highschool based SYDNEY.

tuning: Drop D

IntroE|-----------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------------|(X2)D|-9-9-9-9--5-5-5-5--12-12-12-12--7-7-7-7--|A|-9-9-9-9--5-5-5-5--12-12-12-12--7-7-7-7--|D|-9-9-9-9--5-5-5-5--12-12-12-12--7-7-7-7--| C#M A E B
Bridge 1E|-----------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------|(X2)D|-12-12--14-14-14-14--16-16-16--12--|A|-12-12--14-14-14-14--16-16-16--12--|D|-12-12--14-14-14-14--16-16-16--12--|
Figure out how many times to strum the guitar because its hard to figure it out on here so just listen to it. I know there isn't a drop D performance by hillsong but I just made this up for fun. (this is not actual how many times to strum this this is just an outline so you can see how many times to strum it.
Verse 1E|-------------|B|-------------|G|-------------| (Verse 2 is the same as Verse 1)D|-12-5-9-5-7--|A|-12-5-9-5-7--|D|-12-5-9-5-7--|
ChorusE|---------------------------------------| INTROB|------------------------- BRIDGE 1-|G|------------------------- VERSE 1--|D|-12-7-9-5-7--12-7-9-5-7-- VERSE 2--|A|-12-7-9-5-7--12-7-9-5-7----------------| CHORUSD|-12-7-9-5-7--12-7-9-5-7-- BRIDGE 1-|
VERSE 1Bridge 2 VERSE 2E|------------------ CHORUS---| (x2)B|------------------ BRIDGE 2-|G|---------------------------------------| INTROD|-9-5-12-7--9-7-5-- CHORUS---| (x2)A|-9-5-12-7--9-7-5-- BRIDGE 1-|D|-9-5-12-7--9-7-5-----------------------|
There you go that's it this is only a experiment but try it it's really fun GOD BLESS
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