Hillsongs - Soldier Of Gods Art tab

This is a song I made, uhm.. It's a hillsong though, but many peeps have heard it, and
they want it on the net. So here it goes!..

Uhm same with the bass tabs which starts at second verse and keeps going.

Uhm the bass tabs follow first at C, then G, then Am and F.. But in the chorus you don't play behind where it's marked "x". (Verse 1) C G Jesus, I need you Am I seek you, F In my life Am F My faith to You, C Gets stronger G Always. (Verse 2) C G I want you in my life, Am F and be with You, Lord God! Am Our friendship, F is so good, C G and so true. (Chorus) C I sing to you my Lord! G I talk with you my bestfriend Am I'll spend my life with You F Forever and ever (Repeat 2x) (Repeat verse 1 then chorus, then go to Verse 3 and then Chorus again and then the outro.) (Verse 3) C G I lift up Your Name, Am F highly with my heart. C G I can see you through my soul Am F I'm a soldier of God's art! (Outro) C G Jesus is my bestfriend Am F I'm a soldier of God's art! (repeat 5x) Enjoy playing the guitar!=) God Bless!=D.. JESUS IS THE ROCK!
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