Hillsongs – This Is My Desire tab

This is My Desire
By Hillsongs

Tabbed by Benjie Jiao
Email: benjiao_1228@yahoo.com

I’m really sure this is correct!!!

Try to listen to the intro to make it easier for you to understand the tab... You may 
some notes to make it sound better... You may also hammer between notes to add more expression...

Intro: C Cadd9 Bm Em|--------------------------------------------||--------7-8-7-8-7------------------7-8~-----||--9~~-9-----------7----------7~--9----------||--------------------7~---7-9----------------||--------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------|
C Cadd9 Bm D|--------------------------------------------||--------7-8-7-8-7------------------7-8~-----||--9~~-9-----------7----------7~--9----------||--------------------7~---7-9----------------||--------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------|
Stanza: G Em C/G-G D9/F# This is my desire, to honor You Em D9/F# G F C-D Lord with all my heart I worship You G Em C/G G D9/F# All I have within me, I give You praise Em D9/F# G F C-D All that I adore is in You Chorus: G D/F# Lord I give You my heart Am D I give You my soul, I live for You alone G D/F# Every breath that I take Am Every moment I'm awake D Lord have Your way in me Here are chords used: G 320033 C x32010 Cadd9 x30030 C/G 332010 Em 022033 D9/F# 200230 D/F# 200232 Am x02210 F 133211 D xx0232 Bm x24432 Hope you enjoy playing this beautiful song.. Please don’t forget to rate this tab!!! Thanks!!! Godbless!!!
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