Hillsongs - Hear Our Praises tab

Main riff (intro) { }E|------------0-0-|-0---0---0----0--0--0-0-|-0---0---0----0--0--0-0-|B|------------1-1-|-1---1---1----1--1--1-1-|-1---1---1----1--1--1-1-|G|------------0-0-|-0---0---0----0--0--0-0-|-0---0---0----0--0--0-0-|D|------------2-2-|-2---2---2----2--2--2-2-|-3---3---3----3--3--3-3-|A|------------3-3-|-3---3---3----3--3--3-3-|-3---3---3----3--3--3-3-|E|----------------|------------------------|------------------------|
1st Verse C May our homes be filled with dancing Am F G May our streets be filled with joy. C May injustice bow to Jesus Am F G As the people turn to pray. - Chorus C G F From the mountains to the valleys Am G F Hear our praises rise to You, C G F From the heavens to the nations Am G F G Hear our singing fill the air. - Main riff - 2nd Verse C May Your light shine in the darkness Am F G As we walk before the cross C May Your glory fill the whole earth Am F G As the water o'er seas. - 2nd Chorus - Main riff - Interlude F Dm Am Em Hallelujah, Hallelujah F Dm G Hallelujah, Hallelujah (repeat) - Chorus - (The electric guitar plays this in both verses, after the sentences when it changes from C to Am.)
C AmE|------------------------|B|------------------------|G|------------------------|D|------------------------|A|---3s-5s-72s-3s-7--0---|E|------------------------|
C AmE|------------------------|B|------------------------|G|------------------------|D|------------------------|A|---3s-5s-3-2--3--2--0---|E|------------------------|
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