Hillsongs - Freedom We Know tab

                         The Freedom We Know
                            Hillsongs 2006
                             Joel Houston
                         Tabbed by:BJ Barcenas

Now,To break down the song,the song is in the key of G,
and the intro applies to the bridge as well, and is quite an easy riff to pick up, 
be a problem for anyone, because it comprises of three notes only.

And the tabs:

------------|------------|-12--10--9--|------------| (x3, then reverse the order of the-10--8---7--| last 2 notes for the 4th repeat)------------|
On the pre-chorus,just play strong chords to serve the song well And the tabs under that:
------0-------0-------0------2-----|---3-3-----3-3-----3-3-----3--3-3--|--0-0-----0-0-----0-0-----0-0--0---|-4-------2-------------------------|-----------------3-------3---------|-----------------------------------|D . .Em . .C . .C
------0-------0--------------------|---3-3-----3-3-----1--1-----1--1---|--0-0-----0-0-----0--0-0------0-0--|-4-------2-------3--3------2-2-----|--------------------------3--------|-----------------------------------|D . Em . .F . .C
When it comes to the chorus, just play power(inverted) chords It's just easy you know G-D-Em-F The song ending just prefer to the intro!!!!!! Bye God Bless!! Please put your comments!!!
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