Hillsongs - Here In My Life tab



Pre Chorus:F#m-E-B-F#mF#m-E-G#m-E
Chorus: B-F#m-G#m-E Verse: I have never walked on water felt the waves beneath my feet but at Your word Lord i'll receive Your faith to walk on oceans deep Pre Chorus: and i remember how You found me in that very same place all my failing surely would have drowned me.. but You made a way Chorus: YOU ARE MY FREEDOM JESUS YOU'RE THE REASON IM KNEELING AGAIN AT YOUR THRONE WHERE WOULD I BE WITHOUT YOU HERE IN MY LIFE Verse2: You have said that all the heavens sing for joy at one who finds that way to freedom of Jesus bought from death into hisÂ’ life Pre Chorus: And I remember how You saw me through the eyes of Your grace And all the cost was Your beloved for me still You made a way -A very good song from Hillsong's Saviour king album.. -Jesus rocks -special thanks to Clans of Jesus' Generation for the lyrics -Godbless tim cristobal@yahoo.com
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