Hillsongs - Spirit Touch Your Church tab

Title: Spirit touch your church
Band: Hillsongs


            G                  Em
  Lord, we need Your grace and mercy.
               C                D
  We need to pray like never before.
               Em                  C
  We need the power of your Holy Spirit
      Am    C        D
  To open Heaven's door.


          C           D       Bm                Em
  Spirit touch Your church, stir the hearts of men.
     C        D             Bm            Em
  Revive us Lord with your passion once again.
              C       D     
  I want to care for others
        Bm             Em
  Like Jesus cares for me.
            C    D         G - - D-Dsus
  Let your rain fall upon me.

II. (Same chords as I)

  Lord we humbly come before You.
  We don't deserve of You what we ask.
  But we urge to see Your glory.
  Restore this dying land.

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