In Venere Veritas chords with lyrics by Him for guitar and ukulele @ Guitaretab

Him – In Venere Veritas chords

Note: the original tune is Fm, but I found easier to play with these chord. You 
can put barrè on I taste to have the original tune. I did it.

[intro]:  Em D
C D EmLet's fall apart together now
Em G C Em Zipping Cupid in a body bag well-worn
Em C DNext to the Mausoleum he was born in
Em G C EmPicking up the pieces in this gory glory of it all
From Eve to mo(u)rn
D From Eve to mo(u)rn
D C G Have no fear
D (Em)There are wounds there are not meant to heal
D BmAnd they sing, in venere veritas
D C G Come inside
D Em D EmLet the fire burn you alive and sing, baby , sing
D C GThere are wounds that are not meant to heal at all
D C GIn venere veritas
C D Em Let's fall apart toghether now
Em G C EmThere's a method to our sadness as we drag the mirrored ball and chain
Em DThrough the twilight again, dressed up in shame
[CHORUS] [interlude] D G
D We are begging for a reflection from an unshuttered heart
G DTo blind a chase us over the edge
C D EmLet's fall apart together now
( x 2 )
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