The Sacrament chords with lyrics by Him - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Him – The Sacrament chords

Am CI hear you breathe so far form me
Am C I feel your touch so close and real
DAnd I know
Em C GMy church is not of silver and gold
D Em C GIt's glory lies beyond judgement of souls
D Em C Am DThe commandaments are of consolation and warmth
C Am Em You know our sacred dreams won't fail
C Am Em The sanctuary tender and so frail
C Am The sacrament of love
Em D C The sacrament of warmth is true
Am EmThe sacrament is you
Am CI hear you weep so far from me
Am C I taste your tears like you're next to me
DAnd I know
Em C GMy weak prayers are not enough to heal
D Em C GOn the ancient wound so deep and so dear
D Em C Am DThe revelation is of hatred and fear
EmThe sacrament is you ( x4 )
[CHORUS] ( x 2 ) ....and it's ended!
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