Him - In Venera Veritas Acoustic chords

Em G C EmZipping Cupid in a body bag well-worn
Am C DNext to the mausoleum he was born in
Em G C EmPicking up the pieces of this gory glory of it all
C GFrom eve to morn
DFor Eve to mourn
C GHave no fear
Am EmThere are wounds that are not meant to heal
D Am DAnd they sing, in venere veritas
C GCome inside
Am EmLet the fire burn you alive
D EmAnd sing, baby sing
D C G / AmThere are wounds that are not meant to heal at all
Em G C Em
Em GThere's a method to our sadness
C Em/DAs we drag the mirror ball and chain
C GThrough the twilight
DAgain dressed up in shame
D C G/Am EmIn venere veritas
C D Em GLet's fall apart together now
C D EmLet's fall apart together now
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