Him – Fortress Of Tears tab

Em                       D                      Am
No one can hurt you now  In this haven safe and sound
Em                       D                       Am
No one can save you now  from this grace you are drowning in
               G              D
Just hold your breath on your way down
G                Bm                       C         
(+D if you want)
This fortress of tears  I've bulit from my fears for youuuuuu :)
G                   Bm                 C          G 
This fortress won't fall I've bulit it strong for youuuuuu

No one can free you now ........

and all the chords are the same  :)

I tabbed this the way I play the song, so there may be mistakes cause I wasn't listening 
it while tabbing :S

Feel free to correct and comment the tab posted :)
-you can throw an e-mail if you've questions. pamaccs@citromail.hu

enjoy xxx
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