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From: Erik Karlson 
Subject: Peter Himmelman, "Only Innocent"

Only Innocent
By Peter Himmelman
>From the Album "From Strength to Strength"

Since this song is tremendously repetetive, only the first verse and chorus
are printed. The rest of the song follows exactly the same pattern..

A               D                     F#m    E
You shave your heads and leave your radios on
A                 D             G       E
You pull your mirrors from the walls
       A                D              F#m       E
You're spell-bound as cynics apeak of right and wrong
    A                  D              G      E
And how a fool should die when duty calls
    A               D                F#m    E
You pay too much attention to the morals squad
      A        D            G         E
That came to power at your expense
A               D                 F#m    E
You treat that system like some kind of G--
     A               D            G      E
Well it would never run to your defense

    A  D Bm
But I...I'll be lookin for it
A   D  Bm
I....I'll be lookin for it
A   D  Bm                   G                   E
I....I'll be lookin for the one that can't be found
                   A     D
I'm lookin for the only one
  F#m            E
Lookin for the only innocent
A     D     F#m             E
Only one...lookin for the only innocent
                A         D         F#m         E
(first chorus) Even in my dreams I still find guiltiness

(second chorus) Everywhere I go, I still find guiltiness
A     D     F#m             E
Only one, lookin for the only innocent

transcribed by Erik Karlsson
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