Hinder - Red Tail Lights tab version 1

Standard tuning.

This is my first tab, so a few bits might be a little sketchy and I apologise if they are.
Also, I've simplified the song extremely; I haven't managed to work out any of the lead 
yet, so I apologise for that too.
I think it's reasonably accurate, and I love the song, so I hope this helps.

Verse 1 and Intro.

You're waiting in the car as I pull in....e|-------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------| This is only played through once forG|-7777-5555-33333333----------55555555| the intro, but twice during theD|-7777-5555-33333333-33333333-55555555| actual verse.A|-5555-3333-11111111-33333333-33333333|E|-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-11111111-xxxxxxxx|
Too little, too late, too bad that we can't save it...e|------------------------|B|------------------------| Please be aware, that here, the '1' is actuallyG|-33--3-55--5-77--7-11--1| supposed to be a '10'. This is my first tab,D|-33--3-55--5-77--7-11--1| so I'm not sure how to fit in a double digitA|-11--1-33--3-55--5-88--8| number. There's quite a lot of par-mutingE|-xx--x-xx--x-xx--x-xx--x| in this section, but you're going to have to work that out yourselves. This is repeated twice.
Girl, I swear I wasn't runnin` around...e|------------------------------------| This is repeated twice in theB|------------------------------------| chorus. Also, I'm not sure ofG|----------55555555-77777777-33333333| the second chord, but it seems toD|-33333333-55555555-77777777-33333333| fit okay.A|-33333333-33333333-55555555-11111111|E|-11111111-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx|
Red tail lights in the pouring rain...e|------|B|------| Hold this note until the end of the bar.G|-33333|D|-33333|A|-11111|E|-xxxxx|
Verse 2.
e|-------------------|B|-------------------|G|-7777-5555-33333333| This is played through once before the actual verseD|-7777-5555-33333333| starts.A|-5555-3333-11111111|E|-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|
And baby just roll the window down...e|-------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------|G|-7777-5555-33333333----------55555555|D|-7777-5555-33333333-33333333-55555555|A|-5555-3333-11111111-33333333-33333333|E|-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-11111111-xxxxxxxx|
The chorus is played next (tabbed above), without the bridge. After the chorus is a small guitar solo (which I haven't tabbed - sorry!). During the solo, this is played through twice:
Next is the bridge again (tabbed above)and the chorus (also tabbed above). Then for the next part, this is played through 4 times:
Too little, to the pouring rain...e|-------------------|B|-------------------|G|------5555-33333333|D|-3333-5555-33333333|A|-3333-3333-11111111|E|-1111-xxxxxxxxxxxxx|
You're waiting by the car as I pull in...e|-------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------|G|-7777-5555-33333333----------55555555|D|-7777-5555-33333333-33333333-55555555|A|-5555-3333-11111111-33333333-33333333|E|-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-11111111-xxxxxxxx|
Tabbed by Ash Martin.
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