Hindu Ringo – Corporate Rock Whore tab

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From: BAT0056156@ACAD.suffolk.edu

(words and music by, Mark Bates)

Hindu Ringo-Such An Englishman

this is kind of wierd, so please bear with me.

the verse is simple:
D5-C5-B5-C5 (repeat 4x)

chorus is a bit harder:
A5-D5 but the transformation is like this:

E---------------------------------------|B---------------------------------------|G---------------------------------------|D---------------------------------------|B-----------------------5---(D5)--------| (A5)--------5557-----------------|
(sorry, i'm not very good at the tab thing yet.) i don't know the solo either, sorry. words: chorus Corporate Rock Whore Living life is such a bore Bad day, hair spray Corporate rock whore verse#1 sing a song `bout how much cologne you wear how much more gel could you get in your hair sell a song to the devil of rock what the hell as long as you get your rocks off... chorus verse#2 Out of mind, can't sing don't worry someone will just keep the looks keep the hair, keep dressed to kill get some head go to bed, make sure you get your crack die young, sprawled out, found dead on your back... chorus solo (verse) chorus for more info write: Hindu Ringo c/o HUH!?! Records 146 Powderhouse Blvd. Somerville, Ma 02144 e-mail BAT0056156@ACAD.SUFFOLK.EDU or HRINGO@NEBULA.KEENE.EDU
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